2022 Year in Review for Disruptive Digital Ecosystem

December 29, 2022

What a year 2022 has been! Looking back at it, we couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished! Standing where we are, we are happy to have done so many things along the way and we are thankful to be part of MultiversX's outstanding ecosystem. And, of course, to build one of our own, as well! 😎

Because we strongly believe that the power to change the world is in our hands, we worked hard on building our Disruptive Digital ecosystem; we achieved a lot of objectives we set at the beginning of the year, and we are proud to say that we faced and overcame the challenges that came our way.

Technical Focus

As an Official Staking Provider to MultiversX blockchain (previously Elrond Network blockchain), we always aimed to offer a competitive annual percentage rate (APR) to our delegators, while maintaining the eligibility of our nodes. Throughout the year, we were on top of the Official Staking Providers (official = a reliable SP that already proved their commitment to the Elrond ecosystem development and has a blue checkmark in the Maiar App) regarding the APR.

This is why we started the year with a decrease in our Service Fee for Disruptive Digital's contract from 10 to 5%, a decision that we took several times during the year, including in the end, in order to offer a greater APR.

Within our business strategy, we are always looking to prioritize the technical aspects and have a strong focus on providing a reliable and secure infrastructure for our staking nodes. Ensuring that our nodes are well-maintained and have high uptime was important for building trust with our delegators and providing a strong return on their staked assets.

Building a community 

In addition to maintaining a reliable infrastructure, we also focused on building and nurturing a strong community, providing ongoing support and communication. We maintained active interaction on our Telegram groups, both Romanian and International, as well as on the Kryptodots Telegram Group. We were active on all of our social platforms, whether we talk about Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, or even Instagram - as we just launched our official page for Disruptive Digital this month.

Educational content through #LearningBlockhain Project

On top of this, we made our mission to help people understand blockchain technology and the crypto universe through the #LearningBlockchain project, which includes immersive blog articles. We believe it’s our duty to share your expertise and provide valuable insights to our community. This year, we released 6 Learning Blockchain articles: Custodial & Non-Custodial Wallets, Blockchain applications in several industries, The only security pack you need in crypto: Kryptodots + Ledger, Blockchain Career Opportunities, Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake, How to stay away from crypto scammers

Educational Projects & Collaborations

Our ambition was always to be the pioneers in the field who educate large groups of people. So we thought to start with 7th and 8th-grade pupils. In partnership with Naradix, a well-known educational platform in Romania and a digital library with nearly 6500 courses for pre-teens in primary and secondary school, we created the “Careers of the Future” Course, which had 2 Editions. In total, over 200 pupils have finished the course with us. 

Token Launch

As a Staking Provider with a firm commitment to bringing the blockchain world closer to anyone, we take a step forward in consolidating our ecosystem by launching DISRUPTIVE-c20f7c Token. We built a Token Page within our website, launched its Litepaper, made an Airdrop, and organized a Token Giveaway.

New Logo

2022 was the year when we made a fresh creative redesign of our Logo. We wanted a simple but memorable logo that would perfectly represent us. And we are super excited to say that the new Logo is just what we wanted!

Collaborations and Partnerships

As collaborations can bring together different areas of expertise and can lead to higher-quality products or services, this year we focused more on the collaborations that we have. We are really happy that we have an ongoing collaboration with MultiversX Library, where you will find our blog articles.

In April, we were honored that Andrei Bratucu tested KryptoDots in the first #CryptoGadgets episode from CryptoVineri. Here’s the 10 minutes video: Cum securizezi investiția în CRYPTO? Backup la Backup cu KRYPTODOTS - #CryptoGadgets 001.

Also in April Kryptodots was added on gb.ro. Both Standard Edition & Elrond Edition can be purchased since then from the Crypto menu. 

We are also glad that we partnered with Ofero Events in the first‌ concert in Romania organized with blockchain technology. We did a 10 Kryptodots airdrop valid ONLY for people who scan their NFT at the concert.

In September, we partnered with Black Hat Network to raise awareness of the importance of keeping the secret phrase safe. the Black Hat team launched New Perk for all BH Agent NFT holders with special prices for Kryptodots products.

In late October, the DISRUPTIVE token was listed on the @arda_project board! To celebrate this, we organized a giveaway together with the Arda team.


Awareness and promotional campaigns were also part of our marketing efforts this year. In March, we set out to discover the level of interest of Romanian women in the crypto and blockchain space and their level of knowledge in the field. So, we launched the Women in Crypto Campaign and conducted a study with 131 respondents. We thoroughly analyzed the answers received and we can say that we are impressed both by the level of interest in this universe and also by the perspective that the respondents have regarding the crypto world, namely a greater interest in effective investments than the theoretical aspects, receiving a lot of questions from them, especially in this area. 

Later in April, we launched an Easter Campaign, #EasterEGGold Challenge, turning our project into something fun, engaging, and rewarding: a game. We created a wallet where we put 1,5 EGLD. The Secret Phrase of that wallet was encrypted in the metallic plates of a Kryptodots! The first who decoded the Secret Phrase won the game!

In order to celebrate 2 years of Elrond Mainnet, and as a sign of appreciation for all of our delegators and non-delegators, we organized a Contextual 2 Years of Elrond Mainnet Giveaway.

Black Friday also came with special promotional prices for Kryptodots products. The campaign had 2 active options: BUY 1 Kryptodots, GET 1 Ledger Nano S FREE /  BUY 1 Ledger Nano X, and GET 1 Kryptodots FREE. Those who wanted to acquire a pack chose the one that suited them better for a carefree crypto journey.

December was a full month regarding campaigns. We started the month with a quick Flash Promo Campaign dedicated to the Romania National Day. We are proud to say that Kryptodots is also a product invented and manufactured in Romania, so we offered a 35% discount. The members of our community also cherished our Christmas Kryptodots Campaign.

Last but not least was our most close to the soul campaign, Reheart & Kryptodots Campaign. We took the commitment to support children in need, for the whole month of December. So for every order of Kryptodots kits on kryptodots.com, we bought a Reheart Baby NFT and send it to each Kryptodots customer.

What’s next?

We’re looking ahead to the future! While it's important to reflect on the past year, we also make plans and set goals for the year to come. We’re proud of our #2022 achievements and we are ready to have some more in #2023! 🚀 Keep an eye on us!

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