We believe in the power of the people. Blockchain Is Changing Our World.

Today we live in a digital world. It is exactly the right time to start owning your digital data. Blockchain and crypto currencies are essential because they allow us to own digital goods and assets.

We are big fans of blockchain technology and crypto currency world. Our passion for blockchain and crypto technologies started back in 2011 when we started wondering about the importance of this technology. The simple answer is that blockchain will become just as useful as the internet is today as well as an inseparable part of our daily lives. That's why our passion has led us to innovative solutions while inspiring us to develop products and services needed to create a better, safer and fairer world. 

Our principles

Blockchain and beyond

We believe blockchain will be the backbone for many advanced technologies and services in the near future. Blockchain has the potential to influence every aspect of the global economy and its applications are already developing faster than most governments or regulators can, or have been willing to accept.

Disruptive technology

Our products and services are designed to allow anyone to be their own bank and to be able to manage their digital assets in a simple and safe manner. Freedom is a fundamental human right. Cash (and bank accounts) can be confiscated, so can gold, artwork, etc. We empower everyone to be truly free.

Our contact with Elrond (now MultiversX) & Battle of Nodes

We got in touch with Elrond (MultiversX) towards the end of 2019. Being familiar with Blockchain technology and while the Elrond (MultiversX) Team was providing us with a test network, we took the opportunity to join the community to see what their network was capable of. We were very pleasantly impressed by the way they thought about everything, from the information and guidance we were able to find out (both from documents and from their social groups) to the way we could test the functions of the Elrond (MultiversX) Network. We found in this community, an extraordinary passion in making things work close to perfection.
In the spring of 2020, we participated in the Battle of the Nodes (an ability test for becoming a good validator) in which we had very good results. 
We participated with 36 Nodes and every one of them matched the tests’ requirements, reaching the 2nd place by missions, 6th place by performance and 12th place overall, which was a great achievement.
More than 1500 nodes running out of 164 cities from 29 countries were grouped into 50 shards. The nodes processed an increasing number of transactions with a performance peak of 263k TPS. 
The test ran until close to 600mn transactions in under 24 hours which actually adds up to 10 years of Bitcoin, in just 1 day.
The good results from Battle of the Nodes together with our perseverance and passion for Blockchain technology and especially the Elrond (MultiversX) Blockchain, made us appreciated by the members of the Elrond (MultiversX) Team as well as the Elrond Community and gained us a reputation among the Validators pioneers.