Mirel C.

Consultant, Senior Trainer, Coach, Facilitator
After working in the banking industry for more than 10 years, I selected the Disruptive Digital guys to facilitate and manage my conversion from the FIAT reserve to a cryptographic asset. Why? Because I invested time in getting to know the people behind the project.
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When I look at financial investments, there are 3 things that help me make a decision about my partnership: trustworthy people, their expertise, results obtained over time. We learned about their values and talked about their vision. So, trust has been built. The second reason is their desire to gain a stronger expertise. 

They invest time in understanding, developing and testing new blockchain technology. And the third reason is the passive increase in my income every month. Show me a salary that increases every month without working, and we will have a discussion. Therefore, I strongly recommend Disruptive Digital as a reliable, experienced and long-term results-oriented staking provider.

Dragos B.

Head of Social Engagement at Scoala de Valori
I chose Disruptive Digital as my investing partner because they were very transparent in explaining that this is a long-term partnership while not overpromising getting rich overnight or forcing me to invest a certain amount of money. Instead, they are always looking for opportunities that fit my investor‘s profile.
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I have always dreamed of being an investor, like in stocks and other types of investments. I tried some ideas on my own but it didn't work out as planned, not even for the safest of investment such as state covered deposits, mainly due to the fact that they change the rules while you are investing. Because I am a low-medium budget investor I decided to look at crypto currency. However, my level of understanding the phenomenon is actually low so instead of doing things on my own, I decided this time that it would be best to opt for specialized help. 

Another aspect that was important for me was that the team behind my investments was also investing on their own so it is not be like they treat my money as a random customer or like some broker that would not put his own money on the table. Instead, they treat my money as their own investment, as if they were to invest for themselves and I think this is a great deal of responsibility and ownership that is very hard to find in this domain.

Laurentiu I.

Managing Owner at JANNOCK
Disruptive Digital stands out with an exemplary business approach, highly determined, hardworking and resourceful team, well-informed, up to date and enlightened communications and many more benefits.
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It all started when Daniel, the founder of Disruptive Digital presented me with the Elrond outstanding technology. I have never been so enthusiastic and eager to learn and understand more about blockchain and crypto world, given the fact that the blockchain technology somehow always eluded me. I started reading and documenting my findings while doing my own research and I understood that we were talking about a technology with a huge potential. 

That instant, I knew that I wanted to be part of the future as I saw it. Still, my knowledge in this area was poor so I decided to go further and I chose Disruptive Digital as my partner for investing. I chose the very same people who opened my eyes and who were very open in explaining and clarifying all aspects I wanted to better understand.  Everything is totally clear and with nothing overpromising. 

 did not expect to get rich overnight and I totally agreed to what is effectively a long-term partnership where commitment and trust are both very important. I am really looking forward to future investments!

Robert R.

Legal Counsel at ADIDANA
I've known these guys for many years and they've always spoken technology as a native language and crypto as a second one. I guess I've been lucky to get advice and feedback from them without regrets.
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Given that there are many cryptocurrencies on the market that can be considered investment opportunities, I am grateful for the efforts of the Disruptive Digital team to explain to me in detail why the right choice is Elrond. 

After a few months of following the evolution of the Elrond team, I was convinced that this project will represent the future of the financial system. I was amazed to find out that the whole project is open source, and everyone interested was able to check the background. Thank you guys, keep up the servers and the good work!