You’re here, so you’ve probably heard that we launched the DISRUPTIVE token. If you didn’t know, no problem, we got you covered! Keep reading and learn what DISRUPTIVE token is, and why you should be interested in holding it!

As a Staking Provider with a firm commitment to bringing the blockchain world closer to anyone, we take a step forward in consolidating our ecosystem.

We bring something new to the table beside the 2 Delegation System Smart Contracts and Kryptodots product (you definitely know about it, don’t you?).

This time we bring you… a TOKEN!

Therefore, a new chapter begins. As the Litepaper mentions - you can find it here, introducing the DISRUPTIVE token in the Disruptive Digital ecosystem is one step further that we take in our mission to create a world in which anyone can become their own bank and be able to manage their digital assets simply and safely.

WHY did we launch the DISRUPTIVE token?

Elrond community is a source of inspiration to us. Outstanding and focused on long-term building. It provides support whenever someone is in need. So to us, it looks like it deserves an incentivization!

Part of our motivation in launching the token is the consolidation of our position as a committed Staking Provider and as a mediator between blockchain and people. We want to give DISRUPTIVE holders the chance to purchase Kryptodots products directly with this token. Easy and safe.


In its full name, DISRUPTIVE-c20f7c is a token launched/minted on the Elrond blockchain. It’s an ESDT token with a fixed value, therefore it’s not volatile. Don’t take it as a stablecoin, because it’s not one either! It is entirely an incentive token used in products and services acquisition.

HOW will we distribute it?

The token's launching days also come with an Airdrop! So if you are one of our delegators, expect to see a bunch of DISRUPTIVE tokens in your wallet! 🙂

Afterward, the token will be gradually unlocked and distributed within settled campaigns and specific marketing activities.

WHO can receive DISRUPTIVE token?

We’ll distribute it mainly to our delegators who contribute to our ecosystem growth. What does that mean, more exactly? It’s simple. If you’re one of our delegators and promote our social channels, share the educational materials we have on our blog, and maintain the engagement of our community, you will receive the token. Extra points for the ones who create educational content for our blog!

Non-delegators also have a chance of receiving the token! If you’re one of them and you stand out through exceptional involvement in promotion, help, and support to Disruptive Digital, Kryptodots, Elrond Network, and our Partners, you also qualify for receiving the token, but under different circumstances.

WHEN will we distribute the token?

The tokens will be distributed each time there is an active campaign in which we previously announced that we will offer DISRUPTIVE tokens. The first one is already ongoing… hence jump on the boat!

WHY you should earn it?

Firstly, because you can purchase Kryptodots products with it. 

For 60.000 DISRUPTIVE tokens, you can purchase 1 Kryptodots backup kit. 

Secondly, you can engage and be part of the community, by sharing educational content and information that would help the newcomers to the ecosystem to accustom to different blockchain and crypto space terms.  

Furthermore, you will help user adoption and contribute to the onboarding of 1 billion users who use the Elrond blockchain. 

Last but not least, you contribute to decentralization. You are the one who shares the information with the community. We can create a better future together.